Confessions: Just resting my eyes

I do not co-sleep! The phrase makes me feel uncomfortable, the idea of whole families sleeping together until the child is god knows how old. No, I’m not some hippy, new age mom who is concerned with keeping my babies as close to as possible. I feel pretty much chained to my wee one throughout the day as it is without giving up my bed space as well.

That doesn’t, I have to admit, mean I’m not an accidental co-sleeper. Accidental co-sleeping basically means falling asleep mid night feed. This happens nightly. I know it shouldn’t and I always lied to my midlife and health visitors who’d look at me with dark expressions while explaining that bringing a baby into bed will end in me accidentally smothering the poor child. The fact is I know from doing exactly the same with my daughter that when a baby is in the bed, snuggled into the nuck in my arm that I DO NOT move. Not a muscle until I wake up. My son isn’t in bed with me all night no, mama needs to get some proper deep sleep. It’s usually only after his night feed (5ish) until about 8. If I ever thought my son was at risk then I’d totally rethink. I must state now that I don’t drink, smoke or take any medication which I know are big no no’s in ahem…co-sleeping.

I used to deny that my daughter or son ever slept in my bed but now I will freely admit that those couple of hours I get to sleep rather than trying to settle my boy back down has saved my sanity. In fact so many people have commented on the fact that I don’t look tired and in reality and thankfully with a 20 month old and a 6 week old… I’m not!

But hey I don’t co-sleep, I’m just resting my eyes 😉


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