Week 2

So week 2 at the library under 5’s group took place yesterday. I wouldn’t say it was a marked improvement, in fact if the children’s dad hadn’t been there to lend a hand in the game that was ‘stop the escape artist,’ then it would probably have been on a similar par with last week. At least the baby slept through this week so I got to sit in the circle (often on my own) while dadda was on toddler alert.

Next week is half term so no group but I definitely think it’ll be a while before she has any understanding of what she’s meant to be doing.  I’m also beginning to wonder if maybe she’s a bit young. The other kids, although the same height seem older *insert look of wishful thinking* but with a mom at 5ft 9 and a dad at 6ft 3 this does happen. I did engage one mom in at least two sentences worth of conversation which for a social recluse like myself  could almost be classed as a breakthrough haha. To quote many, many of my school teachers, I “must try harder.”


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