Slowly slowly

So last night I nearly wet myself with excitement when my non commutative toddler handed me her cup with a little whimper. Ok so it doesn’t sound like much but in my house it was a big deal. The only thing I ever get handed is my iPhone, (for the baby apps) and the tv remote (for Toy Story/Winnie the Pooh.) Having her hand me the cup with a sad little expression it was clear that she wanted a drink. Up until now I’ve had to guess when she’s thirsty as she shows absolutely signs of telling me. At 20 months now and with a vocabulary of 0 words, even the health visitors who normally have the, “she’ll talk in her own time” phrase at the ready were starting to look a bit twitchy when I revealed that not only does she not talk but she doesn’t point to things she wants either. As I said, non commutative. Oh she babbles and squeals, can do a convincing mamama and dadada sound but they are never used in any context other than the little world inside her own head.
I know her little personality, she is mommy (and daddies) girl and rejects most other people unless we’re out of sight then she’s quite flexible with who she’ll spend time with. She’s also infuriatingly stubborn and ignores my presence 99% of the time making people question her hearing! Believe me she can hear Woody or Buzz from the next room.
I know I just dismissed it but I do stand by the health visitors motto, she will speak when she’s ready. Just like when she decided she wanted to start walking and just got up one day and never looked back. Maybe she’s saving it to say something really profound… More likely she’ll say “there’s a snake in ma boots!” but hey I’ll take what I get!


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