More Peppa?

This post was initially about the amount of newspaper coverage Peppa Pig has recently received. Considering she is a fictional, odd-looking and some (mainly myself) would say annoying little pink pig she seems to have been creating quite a storm of late. There have been two different camps, one saying that the middle class mummies just love little Peppa, the other camp saying that they are banning their little piglets from watching the programme as they are copying her naughty behaviour. I can’t help thinking that the second camp may need to simply turn the tv off or learn to say ‘no’ when their child, mimicking George demands chocolate cake for breakfast.
There is no way of talking purely about one cartoon without looking at how much tv children are watching in general. I am in no way a tv nazi most probably I’m the opposite, my daughter undeniably watches way too much tv especially when I need to deal with her little brother. Woody and Buzz are often stand in babysitters while I change a nappy etc. I’m not making light of this fact but i do think that people have started overreacting about children’s tv habits. However if I thought the programmes she watches we’re having a negative effect I would blame myself not the tv companies. Only after hours and hours of viewing will children start copying their favourite characters. My daughter has never climbed a honey tree after watching Winnie the pooh, then again if she did ever try I’d probably find it quite amusing.
The unhappy parents must surely take some responsibility and admit that the behaviour of their children has to be more a reflection of their parenting than a 20 minute show? Then again they all seem like complete stick in the muds, moaning about their kids jumping in puddles and refusing vegetables. Surely this is all part of parenting a toddler? Even Supernanny Jo Frost agrees the parents are overreacting stating on twitter,that this is “all part of being a toddler.”
The “specialists” now say children under 2 shouldn’t watch any tv at all! This is never going to happen in my house and I’m not ashamed of that or feel I’m doing my children an injustice. My daughter loves books, blocks, mobile phones and spinning around til she falls over. She just happens to love Woody, Buzz and Winnie the Pooh in equal measure. In 15 years when she’s taking her GCSE’S I’ll let you know whether it had an effect šŸ˜‰


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