Second-hand lifesaver

It may sound dramatic but two men (I presume they’re men anyway,) namely Phil and Ted have quite literally saved or at the very least have changed my life. We bought a second-hand P&T double sport buggy. It’s one of the three-wheeler types where the baby goes underneath the toddler seat hidden away in a little cocoon. We paid £190 for the pram and rain cover off eBay. P&T may be fabulous but this comes at a price with new models selling for over £500 which to me is more like rent so second-hand was our only option.

Ours is in great condition, it pulls slightly when my toddler lies in certain positions but it has made my life so much easier. It is the same size, style and weight as the single pram I had last month which I loved. Before we discovered P&T we had a Jane Powertwin, again second-hand and which looked in perfect condition. It was cheaper, came with a car seat to make it infant compatible and kept in the 3 wheel style that I like. Although I hate to slam a company, the Jane pram was awful. It felt flimsy, my daughter at 19 months seemed too big and looked incredibly uncomfortable in the front seat and that’s not even mentioning the fact that I could hardly push it. It was heavy and difficult to steer and quite frankly I felt like it could fall apart at any minute. Maybe we were in unlucky and got a bad model, or maybe the previous owners ran it down. Whatever the reason, there was no way I was taking it out on my own as I doubt I’d have got it down or up the two steps outside my house without it falling apart or me having a nervous breakdown.

Then in rolled the Phil and Ted (cue fanfare) after the kiddies dad drove miles to collect it I must mention. I wouldn’t say that a brand spanking new one wouldn’t be better, I’m sure the steering could be a little lighter and the material cleaner plus it’s always nice to have something shiny and unused but we can only stretch the pennies so far.

That being said I want to thank P&T for giving me back my freedom! Hooray!


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