Ok so sometimes I do have my hands full!

The amount of times I have already received the comment “ooh you have your hands full” make me want to scream. I have two children, 19 months apart I don’t have twins, triplets or a child with a disability. I know it’s daft but for some reason this statement really bugs me. I’m not sure if sometimes it is a slight dig at my recent separation with my babies father or if I’m just a little bit over sensitive.

Either way most of the time I manage pretty well…however there are times where an extra set of hands wouldn’t go amiss! Today we actually made to the under 5’s group at the library. We’ve only gone twice before both while I was pregnant. My daughter really has no idea what to do at these sessions as we go so rarely (bad mother alert!) She spent most of today’s session trying to escape and or standing by the door with a book. She did have moments where she ran into the middle and spun around on the colourful rug before reverting to her great escape plan. The problem we had was that the little man woke up after 2 minutes being there and needed to be held. Most of the other toddlers in the group sat on mommies laps but there literally was no room.

I could feel eyes on me, the new mom in the group. One or two mentioned that they remembered me being pregnant before Christmas which was nice. But I could see it, a thought, judgement even brewing in their minds as I stood jiggling my baby to stop him crying whilst trying to drag my daughter away from the door with my spare hand as she laughed with glee…ooh she’s got her hands full.

Grrrr 😉


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