You can’t win them all :-S

Well, after my celebrations about starting my get fit routine I have significantly faltered in the last week. Must seriously try harder, this baby tummy pooch is starting to annoy me as I haven’t gained weight anywhere else and its just sitting there waiting to be worked off. Also my diet has gone to pot with a few takeaways in a few days. I need to make a meal plan then actually make the meals and not chuck out the random ingredients I tend to buy when I go shopping then realise when I unpack at home that I don’t actually have any meals.

On the plus side (you may call it a plus, I am still on the fence) I have just purchased 10 hours of driving lessons off Groupon for a bargain price of £79! Even just thinking about leaning to drive makes me feel sick I have no idea how I’m going to get into the driving seat. The first lesson has to be booked withing a month so I guess I’ll find out soon enough eek!

To do:
Make a meal plan
Go shopping
Make meals and possibly freeze some
Read the Highway Code


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