No going back…

It’s time to face a reality that I have been avoiding for many, many years. The winter months and needing to manoeuvre two children on public transport has confirmed it. I need to learn to drive! So to most, that probably doesn’t sound like a big deal, however I am petrified. I had two lessons when I was 19 then gave up which now I obviously wish I hadn’t.

Today I ventured to the nearest supermarket which unfortunately for myself on a budget was the Co-op. The double buggy made things easier however only being able to carry a couple of bags is useless. If I had a car I’d be able to go shopping as and when I needed rather than waiting for friends and family to take me. I’d probably also have a much better social life than the rather poor excuse of one right now. The idea of ‘popping’ to the shops is a daunting prospect so going further afield (primarily on buses,) in the cold and god forbid rain fills me with fear.

I thought/hoped by putting the fact that I need to learn to drive in this public forum will mean that I’ll be too embarrassed to back out. I’ve got the theory book from the library and even downloaded an app, now all I have to do is sort out my provisional licence which isn’t far off its 10 year expiration, find the money for lessons (which should be interesting) and finally actually get into the driving seat!

I am petrified but I figure if I can give birth…twice then I can do this 😉


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