Apathetic motherhood

If there were a tablet to combat apathy I would be first in the queue to get it. I’m calling it apathy on my side because what I mean is laziness but that makes me feel bad. So, for now I’ll stick with apathy. As a ‘stay at home mom’ by circumstance rather than design I find the idea of keeping the house neat and tidy as well as feeding, dressing, washing and entertaining the children more than a stretch. I know I shouldn’t, I’m sure there’s a Martha Stewart gene that I’m missing as I’d much rather lie down and take a nap.

I purposefully didn’t make a new years resolution this year as they only depress me when they’re broken by day 3. I definitely suffer from low willpower and depleted motivation when it comes to housework. The stupid thing is that I love it when my house is spic and span but then I just leave the gap between cleans longer and longer until eventually…it’s just a mess! So no hard and fast resolutions this year but I have been making a concerted effort to tidy as I/the kids go but as I look around my lounge right now it is decidedly cluttered. Toys, books, a banana and various other random objects are strewn across the floor and let’s not even consider the washing up and laundry that needs doing.

My mom was never the domestic goddess but our house was always tidy. I never did chores as a child and whilst I would have hated them passionately I think it might have prepared me more as an adult. I remember a few occasions where my mom asked me to wash up and I literally freaked out at this alien concept…it’s still fairly alien now haha.

However, every time I see these super anal, clean freak types with immaculate houses, well turned out children who don’t watch tv but have well organised social schedules from birth, I feel jealous. Jealous that they can be arsed where I can’t. I am a strong believer in the less you do the less you want to do and that is one of the reasons I started this blog. I felt the need to exercise my brain and hope the motivation of updating daily will spread into my larger life… hmm on that note I should probably put down the iPhone and pick up the Hoover 😉



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