How to be a good mother with Sharon Horgan

Ok, so did anybody watch Sharon Horgans ‘How to be a good mother’ on channel 4 last night? It featured 6 women with very different ideas on parenting. The only thing they have in common is that they all think they are doing it right.

These moms are, to say the least, extreme and thankfully none of what they had to say made me feel inferior even though I regularly feel I’m doing a bad job. To be honest in many ways I felt a better parent as I’ve never felt so normal.

There was the mom who was in her words “obsessed with placenta.” Not only hers, which she openly admitted to biting a chunk off as soon as it left her body! Nope she loves everyone else’s as well and has built a business out it, making smoothies and drying them before grinding them down to create capsules. She also offers placenta prints and likes to create ornaments out of the cords!! What the hell? Did nobody else think this looked like a scene picked up off he cutting room floor of a weird, cannibalism, horror film? I’m sorry but watching her sniff a bloody placenta with more than a gleeful expression was simply gruesome. Also her views on Caesarian sections were on the extreme side stating that even though see loves her mother she cannot “look her in the eye” because she was born through c-sec. Get a grip was all I wanted Sharon Horgan to say. For most babies I would imagine c-secs are no more stressful than childbirth which, let’s face it, is t exactly a walk in the park!

Then there were the nappiless family where the children are taught, through making small sounds, potty training at a very young age. Co-sleeping and long term breastfeeding, this family are ALL about the children. That sounds like I’m a completely heartless mother…I’m not honest, I just feel like there is more to my existence than simply being a mom. This family however have taken parenting to extremes letting it take over their entire lives and fair play to them if it works, it’s just not for me.

The self named “MileniMum” has been pregnant or breastfeeding since, yup you guessed the millennium. Since when did motherhood become like an actual full time, long term job. I’ve never really understood these super size families, especially home schooled ones.

The super protective, single mom who also happened to be a stripper and the hyper-organised working mom with hundreds of apps and thousands of photos (including one of her sons first dirty nappy) were probably the most ‘normal.’ by normal I of course mean least scary 😛


One thought on “How to be a good mother with Sharon Horgan

  1. Glad someone else agrees! Especially on placenta lady, though in fairness to Sharon, I did think she was actually going to hurl at one point. That wouldn’t have been very journalistic! Of all them, I thought she was the most extreme. I know the placenta has nutrional value and is eaten in some traditional cultures but those of us in the West have more nutritional choices nowadays! And as for the c sections. I mean, did she not think the 30-40 years of interaction she’s had with her mother since might have more to do with her relationship than the 15m c section when she was born? Was she suggesting we risk babies or mothers as an alternative? I’m sure she wasn’t really but it was all just so blinkered and unconsidered and there she was, blahing her stupid views all over tv and no doubt, making some mothers feel bad.

    As for the American who had her child strapped to her at all times and no nappy, all I could think was how would her modus operandi work if she had another!

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