Feeling human…

My baby boy is 3 weeks old today so I thought I would celebrate by beginning to get back into shape, (gently.) Most sources I have read suggest waiting up to six weeks but as I had an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth (no tears or stitches) and am feeling pretty good I thought it couldn’t hurt. Don’t worry I won’t be running marathons anytime soon…or probably ever for that matter, I haven’t even signed up for the gym yet. No, as I said I’m starting slowly and a Wii fit workout is ideal. The good thing about starting on the Wii is that I don’t need to arrange a babysitter to watch my little man and have to worry about timing my trips between feeds. Also my daughter finds some of the balance exercises hilarious and watched with fascination throughout the whole twelve-minute island run.

For me getting back into shape is really important psychologically. I think having two babies very close together takes a toll on your self-image. I am not one of the mother earth posse who adore being pregnant and everything that comes with it so getting back to a comfortable size is a lot more on my mind this time around. I’m not planning on having anymore babies so finding myself or even creating myself as a not only a mom of two but as a woman is essential.

I managed to time the workout just perfectly with baby boy falling asleep just as I began and waking up not only after I finished but after I had a nice hot shower and made myself a cup of (decaf) coffee. Even my toddler whose nickname is “the imp” played beautifully/watched me, laughing a lot making the experience not as hopeless as I envisaged it to be. The only disadvantage of working out with a toddler in the room is that they like to join in so my Wii fit board often got confused as my weight would suddenly gain 2 stone between exercises!!

So happy 3 weeks to my boy and happy fresh start to me and everyone else who is trying to get into shape!


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