13. Autism is…

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…seeing the world differently. Or in B’s case it’s seeing the world more accurately. Last night she found one of her old cloud baby dolls and proceeded to study to colours on her head.

Baba Pink

 Red, orange, yellow, (ok so far) lime, turquoise, blue, indigo, violet. All present and correct and very accurate for a 4 year on the whole ‘seems’ to notice very little in the world.

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3 cakes

Seems appropriate that for L’s third birthday today I have in fact made three birthday cakes. The first got seconded by Bs school disco and the second was sent in for his nursery birthday two days ago and finally number three for the big day. Nothing fancy but he’s happy with it (and I made it at 7am after being up past one building a train table so I think it’s pretty miraculous!)


Square Peg Clothing

For anyone who doesn’t know my other love (after my children) is Square Peg Clothing which I stared with my family after being basically annoyed with T-shirts declaring children with Autism to be “Autistic not Naughty.” etc.  My daughter is definitely both!! 10577195_10154565525915298_8583183348120120277_n

Well now we have 11 designs including a whole range of disabilities and are always looking for more. You can purchase them here. We have also set up the Square Peg Foundation as we are a not for profit organisation. Our aim is to open the Square Peg Sensory Bus and tour primarily Birmingham but also further afield. Bus posterIf you would like to show your support you can follow our Facebook page, we are just starting to fund raise and are looking for prizes for our Christmas raffle so if you sell/make/have something we could use please get in contact!