It’s been a tough few days here, the bad parts of Autism have been kicking our butts or slapping me round the face more accurately. Little miss has finished nursery now and has 28 days before she starts school.

Today Little Man went to nursery alone for the first time. He’s really growing up and coming on in leaps and bounds speech-wise.

Ice Lollies for Centre Parcs

When I saw a competition running to make your own ice-lollies I was intrigued, I’m not very good at competitions and usually miss the deadlines (posting two days before it closes.) Anyway this one got me thinking about all the hidden veggies I used to sneak into my kiddies food and how that has trailed off as B has gotten older and will really only eat dry food so all my sauces are now useless.

The boy is a totally different kettle of fish! At nursery he eats fruit as if his life depends on it with reports of them having to prise the communal fruit plate off him. Two days a week he stays for lunch and happily eats broccoli, carrots, fish, chicken, rice and a whole array of foods which at home he would look at me as though I were trying to poison him if I dared put them on his plate. His nursery have actually taken photographs of him eating watermelon and cucumber as proof as I quite obviously didn’t believe them.

So I decided to try a different tack, ice lollies! We’ve done smoothies before and while they go down fairly well they always seem messy especially as B has a fondness for watching liquids fall!! Seriously any type of berry and carpets do not mix well! PicMonkey CollageOne large tub of crushed watermelon and over half a punnet of strawberries blended and topped with strawberry yoghurt were eaten in our house this week! This is astounding and really annoying in equal measure!

I really like the idea of freezing yoghurts too and have taken to chucking Frubes in the freezer as they work as mini ice-blocks in lunchboxes!

Any ideas for ice-lollies are really appreciated in the comments or maybe a cheeky adult lolly ;-)



This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots100 July challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Sherwood Forest!!

My Girls (somewhat less than perfect) trip to Butlins.

This post was written a couple of months back but I have given Butlin’s the opportunity to give me feedback before posting.


Let me preface this post by saying that B had a fab time at Butlin’s Bognor Regis, she has no expectations unlike her brother who if he sees a ride thinks he must immediately ride it. No, she is happy with her iPad and her pushchair but unfortunately I am not. She is content, but there is nothing like experience for a person, trying out new things and finding new ways to have fun.

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The Gift of (Special) Education

So most of B’s school uniform arrived this week, the idea of reception class is now less of an idea and much more of a reality. Now that I have got my head around her placement and am happy with it I am really excited to see how she progresses and develops with actual professionals who do this day in day out. Continue reading

The Art of Communication Part One

Over the last few weeks B has come on in leaps and bounds, well to those who know her well it’s leaps but to the general public it’s probably not very noticeable but who cares about everyone else? Firstly the little lady has started using PEC’s (Picture Exchange Communication) independently at nursery to ask for chocolate buttons and crisps. This really is a leap as it’s the first time in her 4 years that she has ever asked for anything in any way other than dragging my hand in the direction of something. PEC’s at her level look like this:
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